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Children gathered together painting

Fine Arts Adventure Camp.

Art Station's youth in a group photo in front of mural.

Youth Mural Project 2019 Artists and Volunteers

Art Station's mural painted on a concrete wall.

Youth Mural Project 2019

Mural comprised of small cool/blue colored paintings to compose one large painting.

Youth Mural Project 2019


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Art Station Van

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all children, youth, and their families with transformative learning through hands-on experiences in the visual arts.

We are equally committed to our role in supporting the academic mission of Illinois State University by providing students and faculty with opportunities to pursue learning, scholarship, and civic engagement through the visual arts.

Message from Our Founding Donor


“In 2016, I approached the College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University with a desire to engage in a significant interdisciplinary, community-service philanthropic endeavor: a visual arts initiative serving children and youth in the surrounding community. My two-pronged vision: (1) to provide children and youth with transformative, educational and self-expressive experiences in the visual arts, guided by professional artists and art educators, with a special focus on reaching underserved young people, and (2) to enrich student and faculty opportunities across disciplines to pursue learning, scholarship, and professional development in the visual arts.

My dream is that children and youth in all their diversity will join hands at the Illinois Art Station, reaping lifelong benefits through learning, respectful dialogue, and genuine friendship. I envision unique opportunities for realizing democratic ideals of equity and justice, as young people from all parts of our community uplift one another through artistic expression. I hope, as well, that Illinois Art Station will provide students and faculty with applied experiences of the highest quality and inspire much-needed research on the contributions of the visual arts to child and adolescent development.

Today, Illinois Art Station is an exciting and highly innovative initiative, deeply rooted in Illinois State University’s values of collaboration, compassion, and inclusion. Illinois Art Station is the perfect melding of my love of the visual arts with my career-long passion for the field of child development. With this founding gift, I thank Illinois State University for being my academic home for my entire career.”

-Laura E. Berk, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Psychology Emerita

Our Advisory Committees


Former Advisory Committee:

ISRA EL-BESHIR, Chair, Director, Illinois Art Station
PEGGY FINNEGAN-BOYS, Co-chair, Curator of Education, Illinois Art Station
LAURA E. BERK, Distinguished Professor of Psychology Emerita, Illinois State University
JUDITH BRIGGS, Associate Professor, Art Education
KENDRA PAITZ, Director and Chief Curator, University Galleries
ANI YAZEDJIAN, Professor and Chair, College of Applied Science and Technology
MIRANDA LIN, Associate Professor, College of Education
SHERI BUCKELLEW, Executive Director of Business Operations, St. John’s Lutheran Church
MARLA REESE-WEBBER, Associate Dean for Personnel, Budget, and Planning, College of Arts and Sciences
MIKE WILLIE, Director of School of Art, College of Fine Arts


Evaluation & Development Committee

PEGGY FINNEGAN-BOYS, chair, Curator of Education, Illinois Art Station
MIRANDA LIN, Associate Professor, College of Education
LAURA FINAN, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
KELLY M. GROSS, Assistant Professor, School of Art
AYSEN BAKIR, Professor of Marketing, College of Business
CHANG SU-RUSSELL, Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Science
JULIE CAMPBELL, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Our Team

Our newest member

Illinois Art Station is pleased to announce its new Interim Director of Operations and ISU alum ('13), Megan Kathol Bersett. Megan has called the Bloomington-Normal community home for nine years. She received her MFA in Painting from Illinois State University, and works as an artist and an art educator at several area colleges. Her previous work includes teaching at a nonprofit youth art education organization in New Mexico that caters to underserved populations, as well as serving on the boards of two nonprofit art organizations. Just before beginning her new role, Megan taught one of Illinois Art Station’s youth summer camps: “The students came every day eager to learn and excited to develop their ideas into physical form. They built a supportive community and shared their accomplishments by discussing the creative ideas generated from each project. Facilitating these creative and social abilities in children is one of the reasons I became an art teacher, and also why I accepted this position as Interim Director. I am thrilled to be joining Illinois Art Station’s dedicated team of staff, board members, community partners, donors, funders, volunteers, and of course, its young artists! I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute in this way to the organization's invaluable mission, outreach, and continuing success in our community.”

Administrative Staff

profile of Megan Kathol Bersett

Megan Kathol Bersett

Interim Director of Operations

profile of Peggy Finnegan-Boyes

Peggy Finnegan-Boyes

Curator of Education

Support Staff: Communication Department

profile of Remi Sweeney

Remi Sweeney

Graphic Designer

profile of Hanna Kim

Hanna Kim

Graphic Designer

profile of David Zenge

David Zenge

Photographer and Graphic Designer

profile of Delaney Somers

Delaney Somers

Communication Specialist

profile of Kristin Lopez

Kristin Lopez

Media Assistant

Support Staff: Education Department

profile of Joey Hatch

Joey Hatch

Graduate Teaching Artist

profile of Brooke Ball

Brooke Ball

Graduate Teaching Artist

profile of AJ Kepka

AJ Kepka

Graduate Teaching Artist

profile of Luke Lowers

Luke Lowers

Graduate Teaching Artist

profile of Anya Rowe

Anya Rowe

Equity & Accessibility Educator

profile of Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams

Research Assistant


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Begin your journey into the visual arts in a safe and playful space where creativity and imagination will flourish Itsy Studio provides children ages 5 and under, a playful space where creativity, motor skills, confidence, and expression can be nurtured, honed and explored. Classes are taught and guided by teaching artist committed to child social growth and development.

For programming, visit our events calendar.


Explore the visual arts and discover the range of fun and innovative classes.

For programming, visit our events calendar.


Express yourself, find your voice, and share your vision through exciting mediums in the visual arts.

Follow the Collective @IASteens

For programming, visit our events calendar.


The mission of the Teen Collective is to empower teens and to inspire them to educate their communities and use their voices to advocate for a more just society through the visual arts.

2019 Teen Collective
  • Lydia Fisher (Grade 10, Bloomington High School)
  • Kaylin Richards (Grade 10, Bloomington High School)
  • Camille Muzzarelli (Grade 12, Bloomington High School)
  • Ellie Braun (Grade 11, Bloomington High School)
  • Alonnah Wallace (Grade 10, Bloomington High School)
  • Jordan Davis (Grade 12, Bloomington High School)
  • Ambia Palma (Grade 9, Bloomington High School)
  • Asa Lotz (Grade 8, Bloomington Junior High)
  • Alyssa Sigler (Grade 10, Bloomington High School)
  • Rachael Burk (Grade 11, Bloomington High School)
  • Jaylyn Haynes (Grade 10, Bloomington High School)

Brady Bunch styled photo collage of teens.


Explore the visual arts in an inclusive, safe, and comfortable space for children, youth, teens, and their families with disabilities.

For programming, visit our events calendar.


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Follow our Van

We partner with local organizations to provide free visual arts experiences throughout McLean County to celebrate, support, and uplift our communities.

Illinois Art Station Van


Our Partners and Collaborators:
  • Illinois Symphony Orchestra
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Western Avenue Community Center
  • The Autism Place
  • Children’s Home and Aid
  • First Star Academy
  • Inside Out Accessible Art
  • Bloomington Public Library
  • Normal Public Library
  • Bloomington High School
  • BCAI School of Arts
  • West Bloomington Revitalization Project
  • City of Bloomington Beautification Committee
  • City of Bloomington
  • Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
  • Bloom Community School
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Bloomington Farmers Market
  • Heartland Headstart
  • YWCA
  • McLean County Museum of History


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Administrative Professional

We have no openings at this time.

Apply to the Illinois State Jobs Page

Graduate Assistantships

Art Educator

Job Summary: We seek engaging, jovial, and creative artists in the School of Art to plan and implement hands-on workshops for children ages 1-18 and their families in McLean and beyond.

Apply to the Illinois State Jobs Page

Equity & Accessibility Educator

Job Summary: We seek engaging, jovial, and creative educators committed to the visual arts to plan and implement hands-on art-making workshops that are meaningful and accessible to children and youth ages 1-18 with developmental, physical, visual, and speech disabilities.

Apply to the Illinois State Jobs Page

Communication Specialist

Job Summary: Help build our brand and continually promote our mission through preparation and distribution of print and electronic materials, news releases, photographs, video and audio recordings to media, external stakeholders, and the general public.

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Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

Want to serve the community? We are always looking for individuals to help us advance our mission and give back to the community!

Volunteers and interns play an integral role in our daily work and contribute to our success. Click below to complete applications forms.


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