Laura Jaster Illinois Art Station New Executive Director

Illinois Art Station Hires New Executive Director

Illinois Art Station is pleased to announce its recent hire of Laura Jaster, who joins IAS as its new Executive Director. Jaster will oversee IAS in its transition to an independent, public nonprofit and lead a strategic development program…
Illinois Art Station 2019 Youth Mural Project West Bloomington

Illinois Art Station Mural Project Unveiled in West Bloomington

Through partnership with Artolution, West Bloomington Revitalization Project, and the City of Bloomington, Illinois Art Station created the 2019 Youth Mural Project for local youth to explore issues related to their lives and community, learn…
Illinois Art Statin Child Making Art close up

The Importance of Art Education

Illinois Art Station is guided by the knowledge that when children and youth engage with art, they learn about themselves, the world around them, and are empowered to use their voice through creation. Art programs help them become more engaged…